August 2, 2013

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett (Review)

Title: Wyrd Sisters
Author: Terry Pratchett
First published: 1988
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Rating: ★★★★★

After some of you convinced me not to judge Pratchett by The Colour of Magic, I have already made it up with him as a result of reading Good Omens, and now we are finally fully reconciled. I can honestly say that I enjoyed Wyrd Sisters very much, and I'm now willing to read more of the Discworld series.

The novel makes fun of Shakespeare's plays by taking all the stuff he used to put in his works, including ghosts, kings, witches, fools, etc. and making a story out of it. A slightly different story, for sure, and with the normal language use. Moreover, there is a character that parodies the Bard himself, and he is a gnome! And their theater company is building a theater which is called guess how? The Dysk! Awesome, isn't it?

The main characters are the three witches, two of which are granny-ish, grumpy, severe and old-fashioned (but very cute!), and the third is a young beginner in witchery. They are respected by everybody around until a rather hypochondriac usurper begins to see them as a danger to his reign, and the witches have to settle a few governmental matters. Theatrical propaganda plays no little role in the palace intrigues. So the characters are very likable and the book is full of Shakespearean events and plays-inside-plays.

In my book:
A totally enjoyable novel, with a lot of jokes and witty parodies. You need to know some Shakespeare to enjoy it, but I suspect it is not an impossible condition :) Thanks to everybody who convinced me not to give up on Pratchett and Discworld!


  1. Love Terry Pratchett. When life gets to be too much, when I need to be cheered up, I can always turn to DW and things just feel better.

    1. Yes, he has this effect. I also found this book really comforting.

  2. Woohoo, victory! I'm glad you gave it another go. :)

    1. It's me who won, actually :) Thanks for making me give him another go :)


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