May 27, 2014

On a more positive note, ...

Hi everybody! I'm back :) Well, partially back, at least. I thank you for your support shown in the comments to the previous post, that was so heartwarming! I love you all! It's really great that I feel comfortable speaking about something like this here.

My life is more or less getting back to normal, and although I'm not sure I'll have time for reviews soon, I thought I'd update you on what's been happening in my corner of the world while I was trying not to fall victim to a permanent depression :)

1) My freshly printed master's thesis is lying on the table in front of me! It's been a lot of work (especially during this last week before the deadline, of course :) I NEVER do anything in advance, I'm a typical student :) ), and I'm so happy I'll submit it tomorrow! Here, I've made a picture for you:

My phone takes crappy pics, but the binding does look serious, right? :)

2) I'm one exam, one thesis defense and one state exam from becoming a master! I really hope it all goes well, and of course I'm going to prepare like hell next month! This state exam is a serious thing :(

3) Family time is coming! I'm flying home for three weeks this Friday and then my mom will come to my graduation in July! There is at least one positive thing about crisis in Russia - tickets are very cheap now :) My mom has always wanted to see Czech Republic! We are both so excited!

4) I'm in the middle of my Ph.D. application, and although I'm far from being sure I want to actually BECOME a Ph.D., work here at the university is kind of fun, pays well and will hopefully provide me with more traveling soon! We'll see how it all goes, my life's a bit of a mess right now, so planning is difficult.

5) As for books, I've been reading a bit these past weeks, although my attention spun has never been so short! I've finished Watership Down (not impressed) and The Warden (blah), read The Republic of Thieves (I did like it, but far less than the previous books in the series. Although my mood did affect the reading), and nearly finished Starship Grifters, which even made me laugh sometimes. I think I'll made a mini-reviews post on them sometime soon, so stay tuned :) I've also started Outlander, but it's only irritating me so far, so I'll probably put it aside if this situation doesn't change in the next 50 pages.

6) I've been neglecting my own reading for Language Freak Challenge because of total lack of time and concentration, but I did catch up on my RSS feed, and I know we already have at least one review this month! Wait for the recap post in the end of the month and don't forget to post your review posts if you read something for the challenge!

Wish you all a nice end of spring and see you (hopefully) soon! :)

May 8, 2014

A Quick Message

Hi! I'm stopping by just to explain my long silence here. I've just had a very difficult breakup and I'm in no mood not only to write, but also to read. Nothing seems to hold my attention. I have no experience with this, so I have no idea when I'm coming back to normal, but when I do, I hope I'll be posting again. I'll still make a May round-up for Language Freak Challenge (because there are responsibilities), but I doubt I'll read anything for it myself. So I apologize for my lack of presence and wish you all the best.
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