December 1, 2013

History Reading Challenge 2014

First I was reluctant to join Fanda's new challenge, because me? reading history? with all the dates and names? Difficult to imagine :) Really, I like reading historical fiction, but I never remember historical facts. I don't know why, I have a very good memory, capable of holding several languages, but all the historical facts just escape it somehow. Sometimes my ignorance is even embarrassing, but I've kind of learned to live with it. So I wasn't going to participate, but then I signed up for The Arthurian Literature Reading Challenge and realized that my first two books for the challenge were actually histories! So I've decided I'll sign up for Student level, which requires reading 1-3 books. Who knows, maybe I'll like it and read something more? :)

So the two books I'm planning to read for the challenge are:

Wish me good luck!


  1. Good luck! It does indeed seem like a bit daunting one to take on but then again you have read all kinds of things I find daunting (Arthurian lit, One Thousand and One Nights), so you'll probably do fine :)

    1. Thanks for believing in me :) I guess it'll depend on my moods next year: sometimes I feel heroic and am up to read something really difficult, and sometimes I need only to relax :) We'll see!

  2. Oh plan to read only 2 books but, both are really tough....
    But, it's a challenge anyway, so...good luck, Ekaterina! ;)
    And thanks for joining the challenge, hope you'll enjoy it.

    1. Thanks, Fanda! Well, I also hope I'll enjoy it! At least it will be something new!)


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