May 27, 2013

Language Freak Summer Challenge: May Update

It's the end of May and the end of the first full month of Language Freak Summer Challenge! (BTW, the sign-up is still open, see the link at top of the sidebar!) How was you reading this month? How many books in how many languages have you tackled? What are your further plans? Share your experience!

As for me, I have finished only one book in Spanish so far, but I have had exams this month, and right now I'm on a conference in Vancouver, so I hope I will be more productive in the following months!

Now for the challenge business:

Welcome our new participants!
  1. Mona @ Toward Infinity - Spanish
  2. Emily @ The Library File - Spanish and maybe French
  3. Hillary Pat @ ahorseandacarrot - Spanish
  4. Mai @ Reading in Process - English
Which sums up to total 10 participants! Wow! (You can see the whole list of participants in the sign-up post, the link is at the top of the sidebar)

Challenge reviews by language:

Det caribiske mysterium by Agatha Christie (Jean @ Howling Frog Books)



Harry Potter y la cámara secreta by J. K. Rowling (me)

We are pretty cool, aren't we? =) Go check them out, especially if you share the knowledge of the language! I'll read the last ones I caught in my feed after my return from Vancouver, which will happen in the beginning of June. If I find more reviews by the end of the month, I'll update this post, so you still have time to write them! If I've forgotten someone's review, please don't hesitate to drop your link in the comment section below!

Have a nice June with a lot if reading in foreign languages!!


  1. Hello Ekaterina,
    Good luck with your exams. and congratulation the first month for challenge and good luck with all participants. I'm just begin this week but sure next month, I will be there with my books. see you!


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