May 15, 2013

Harry Potter y la cámara secreta en español!

Esto es mi primera reseña de libro en español, por eso pidio disculpas por mis errores :)

He elegido leer Harry Potter en español porque es un libro ligero a bien conocido para mi, y nesesito algo ligero y conocido para practicar español, que he empezado a olvidar.

No puedo decir que Harry Potter y la cámara secreta es mi libro preferido de todos los series. Es un poco triste, porque es el primer libro, en que Harry sintio el cruel opinion publico - todos piensan, que el es un heredero de Slytherin, el patrono de basilisk y el asesino. Tambien existe injusticia a Hagrid: esta trasladado a cárcel por lo que no habia hecho. Pero me gusta el basilisk, la idea de la camara secreta y el diario que puede vivil a si mismo!

He leido este libro en ruso y en ingles, pero en español esa historia tenia mucho mas encanto. Me gusta el traduccion de los encantos y pociones (el pocion "multijugos", por ejemplo), y "el cumpleaños de muerte" es simplemente perfecto!

So... that's it! Took me a lot of time to write, but it was nice to remember something. I bet there are millions of mistakes there, and I'd appreciate it if you point them to me in case your knowledge of Spanish is better than mine :)

This review is a part of my Language Freak Summer Challenge:


  1. I was interested to read that you thought the book was better in Spanish even though you had read it in English and Russian before.

    I like watching cheesy and cliched Hollywood films dubbed into Spanish, French or Portuguese - they always seem excellent in comparison to the English version! I particularly enjoy French swear words; such words sound vulgar in English, but so expressive in French. And,I like arguments in Spanish as they sound more emphatic and passionate than the English version.

    I enjoyed your Spanish review. It was easy for me to read. By the way you wrote "Eso es mi primera reseña" and "ese libro", I would have written "esto" and "este". I hope that's right.

    I look forward to more of your reading in foreign languages reviews.

    1. OK, corrected! Thanks a lot!

      Actually the most mind-blowing word in the series in Spanish is "señor Tenebroso", of course! I know it from the films, which I have already watched in Spanish. I think it sounds MUCH better and impressive than just "Dark Lord"! And now imagine Helena Bonham Carter pronouncing this (I know it's a dubber, but still)! See? :)

  2. I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to attempt a post in Spanish--I feel like I've forgotten so much. I certainly can't tell if you've made any mistakes! (But I understood it.) Congratulations on finishing your first title for the challenge! Perhaps I should try a Harry Potter as well...

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Well, I was also very much afraid of writing it, but now I can be pretty proud of myself as a reward :) So trying can never hurt! Go for it! :)


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