February 3, 2014

A Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon: Wrap-Up

The read-a-thon ended yesterday, and it's time to wrap-up! Let's see how successful I was with my goals, shall we?
  1. Read two chapters from Harry Potter y el Prisionero de Azkaban in Spanish to catch up with Hillary - DONE! She was at the end of chapter 8, and I'm already half into chapter 9!
  2. Catch up with Paradise Lost Readalong, which basically means to read three more parts - awww, not so good! I read one chapter, so now I'm only two chapters back... It's just soo much work trying to figure out what's happening there!
  3. Finish The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth - DONE! I've also read Life of Merlin which was in the same book. The reviews are HERE.
  4. Read some more from A Feast for Crows as a reward for doing everything mentioned above :) - DONE! I've read around 270 pages. Unfortunately, it's not half as exciting as the previous book... oh, well, I hope the fifth one is better
And here is additional stuff that I managed to read last week:
  1. At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft - finished yesterday
  2. Started reading The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl 
All in all, it was a very successful week, reading-wise! Now I hope to keep up the good pace even without a read-a-thon :)



  1. The fourth and fifth books are . . . not so exciting. It's hard when some of the characters you want to see don't show up on the page at all. On the plus side, book five overlaps with book four and moves beyond it so the characters start showing up again. But book four was a bit of a slog for me. Still interesting but I think Martin could have done what Tolkien did and kept things more interesting.

    1. Yeah, it's all about characters, and when you don't see the ones you care for, there's no interest! I've heard he has divided characters territorially, but somehow there's nobody I care for in book four...

  2. You did great! Thanks again for joining me. Hope to see you at the Spring read-a-thon.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! We'll see if the Spring read-a-thon will come at the right time for me! There's no telling with the last semester of the UNI...

  3. I know what you mean about Paradise Lost. I was following along alright until the war and the weapon Satan made, then I was completely lost. I had to go back and read it about three times before I thought I had it figured out. Keep plugging along. I'm reading out loud now and I really love the images Milton shares; not only beautiful, but dark and unsettling. I'm about a week behind so if I can read two chapters this week AND post I'll be caught up. It will be a feat for that to happen!

    Best of luck!

    1. Whew, it's good to know I'm not alone! :) I hope I'll catch up next week, I'll have some (a lot of) time for reading!


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