February 2, 2013

February and March plans and events

As I'm in the "planning mood", I'm going to write down what I'm going to do in February and later.

February plans:

1) Fanda is hosting a Celebrating Dickens event this February, for which I'm planning to finish The Old Curiosity Shop, that I began to read in December an never finished. But if I don't have enough patience, I'll just give it one more try and give up the book :) Then I'm going to start Great Expectations, which, they say, must be much better.

2) I haven't decided what to read for Rachel's Social Justice Theme Read. I guess Dickens will do and just whatever else comes my way, which suits the theme =)

3) I will be participating in a group read of Les Liasons Dangereuses by Pierre Ambroise Choderloc de Laclos for Delaisse's French February.

4) Let's Read Plays has Shakespeare History month, and this is the type of Shakespeare plays I've never read, so I'm looking forward to reading Henry V.

March plans:

1) Allie is hosting A Modern March event, which I'm really looking forward to. I hope to tackle some of the modernist titles on my Classics Club list, probably beginning with Virginia Woolf.

2) Becca is hosting a wonderful Women's Lit Event, which is another motivation to pick up my first Virginia Woolf. And I'll choose something more later, as reading about amazing women is always amazing!

So there's a lot to do and a lot to read, let's just hope there'll be enough time for all this!

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