September 12, 2012

A Princess of Mars & Herland

This essay was the most difficult to finish so far, not only because there is nothing so very deep and not obvious in these books, but also because I'm generally tired of writing the same 320 words every week. But if somebody is still interested, my pull-it-out-of-yourself essay is here.
This said, I don't think those books are so terribly boring as most of the people on the forums seem to think.
I have really enjoyed A Princess of Mars, and exactly because of its pulp nature. It is so naive and simple, and John Carter is so perfectly plain! And I liked the ending. Really, it reminds me of "The Door in the Wall": the guy is there, seemingly dead, but do we really know where his soul is and has he reached what he wanted to reach? If only I didn't know that there were 11 books more!
Herland has no action in it, and most of the novel is just a discussion of the differences between men and women cultures. But the dialogues are very witty at times, and I like some of the ideas too. We all know this is not gonna work in real world, but they are original and interesting nevertheless.
I've been in some kind of a nasty depression this week, be it connected with the readings or not, and now I'm waiting for Bradbury to bring me back to life!


  1. Bradbury can bring you back.

    And I've been rather grrrrr at the world and feeling in a funk myself. I remind myself to breathe deeply occasionally and it helps. Breaking my coffee maker this morning, however, is not helping. So grrrrrr . . . the world better watch out!

    1. I know he can! He is my all-time fave!

      I'm also without coffee nearly all the time, as the electricity is switched off every day from 7am to 7 pm... I'm just wondering if it is somehow connected with my depression...

  2. I still haven't managed to finish's really dragging for me. I didn't write an essay this week because I can't think of what to say in it.

    1. Well, I thought about skipping this week, but I remember not being able to finish "The Left Hand of Darkness" several years ago, so I need to save my skipping chance for Unit 9 in case I will not be able to do it this time too))


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