October 18, 2014

Readathon Updates

17.43, Prague time zone

It's the fourth hour of the readathon, and I slept two hours out of these four. Well, it's Saturday, so I'm not even ashamed that much :) I've just finished Spectrum by Sergei Lukyanenko, and it totally blew my mind! I've forgotten how awesome it is, so yay for re-reading! Now I'm gonna finish off the comic books and then concentrate on Malory. That's if nobody calls me for drinks in the city :)

Hope everybody is enjoying it as much as I am!


It's Saturday evening, and I come to the office in hope of finding someone who can make me coffee there (I'm still scared of our coffee machine) and indeed meet my supervisor there (in case you are wondering, yes, it's completely normal to find people there at odd times, as our research group is awesome!) The coffee machine is broken, but we start discussing what papers we've read and some workshop plans, and then I leave after 2 hours with a couple of new papers to read... So much for reading non-stop today :) On the bright side, I've finished the 8th collection of Y: The Last Man comics, and it's so exciting! I hope to finish it in a couple of hours. See you then!


Just finished reading Y: The Last Man... The end is so sad and yet it's so cool... I'm really glad I was introduced to this comics!

Now on to some serious reading! Time to finally pick up the Malory chunkster! No more excuses!


Hi everybody! Guess what? I fell asleep after just like 10 pages of Le Morte D'Arthur, and didn't even set an alarm clock... :( Malory is just sooo sleepy! Okay, I have 2 more hours, and I'm determined to dedicate them to this chunkster!


  1. Drinks and sleep are very hard distractions to avoid during a readathon! Sounds like you've got a great plan for the times when you're not distracted.

  2. Is the sweet love lost?
    Does every freedom have a cost?
    Is the dragon freed?
    To find out you have to read read read.

    Thank you so much for being a part of Dewey - It’s always nice to see so many readers at once and see all the different books you’re reading! :)

    Xoxo Katja #TeamButler

  3. You definitely picked some ambitious titles! Hope your Readathon is going well!

  4. I hope you had a great time reading! I really enjoyed Y: The Last Man and have loved everything by Lukyanenko that I've read. (I've read the Watch series, and Spectrum is on my to-read list.)


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