June 1, 2014

Language Freak May Update

Hi, darlings, and welcome to the first monthly update post for Language Freak Summer Challenge! (BTW, it's still not late to sign up, if you wish!) How are you all doing! Me? Not so well, but it's hardly my fault :( I'm counting more on July and August to complete my goals. But some of the participants have already read a lot for the challenge! Let's see what was reviewed in May:

Frog is Sad by Max Velthuijs (Carola @ brilliant years)

Im Wunderschönen Monat Mai by Heinrich Heine (Cleo @ Classical Carousel)

Magpie Beloboka (Anja Kasap @ Reading 2011 (and Beyond))

Corre, Perro, Corre - P.D. Eastman (Cleo @ Classical Carousel)

Wow! 4 books, four languages already! You guys rock! :) Good luck with achieving your goals and don't forget to check out the posts of your fellow readers :) See you in the end of June! 

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