April 22, 2014

Language Freak Summer Challenge - My Sign-Up

Hi, Hi! I'm still alive, yes :) I suck at blogging lately, but getting ozone in your spine is no easy work, I tell you! Moreover, I wanted to make pictures of the books I want to read, and with my ancient phone that's a challenge in itself!

So obviously, I'm signing up for the highest level of my own challenge! And that is an advanced level, which means I pledge to read at least 3 books in foreign languages this summer. Easy-peasy! I also want to read a book in each language I know to complete the crazy linguist level, but we'll see how it'll go.

Let's go language by language now! For my history with this languages, you are welcome to read my last year's sign-up post, nothing has changed since then! And here I'll only list the books I'm going to read.


First, I have a book for boys about adventures in a summer camp (the left one) which I took from my friend last summer and haven't read yet. Shame on me! And second, my Czech teacher has lent me Hrabal's I Served the English King, which comes highly recommended not only by her and is supposed to be very funny!


Here are the three books I have been trying to read for a couple of years now! Quiroga's even have a bookmark in it! They are all very thin, but have such a large vocabulary that reading them is anything but easy. But this year I want to finish at least one! Platero Y Yo, probably. It's about a donkey, what can be difficult? We'll see. And I'd like to continue my reading of Harry Potter series in Spanish and read The Goblet of Fire. I'm a bit afraid, as the fourth book is much more grown-up and log than the previous three, but I bet it'll still be easier than any of the three you see above :)


Nothing planned! I don't have any books in German left, and I'm open to suggestions! Do you know something easy and entertaining for an intermediate learner that hates complicated sentences? Please, recommend me something!

That's it for me! I hope I'll manage it by the end of summer! :)


  1. So many languages! Even though Harry Potter is longer, you may find it easier than any of the other Spanish books on your list. It has more modern language.

    What kind of book are you looking for in German? I mean something YA like Harry Potter or can it be for younger people? If you don't mind YA and even a bit younger, I'd recommend Herr der Diebe or Kleiner Werwolf. Kleiner Werwolf is easier and shorter, but both are really good books.

    1. They are both by Funke! I loved her Inkheart! Great idea, thanks a lot! I think I may start from Kleiner Werwolf! It seems to be rather short and easy :)

  2. First of all: thank you for hosting this challenge!

    You know some awesome languages! I always feel like I'm missing out because I don't know Spanish (and Russian) :(

    As for German, I am going to try and read Krabat. Have you read it by any chance? I read the book in Dutch (my native language) when I was a kid and I don't remember anything about it, except that I loved it haha.

    1. I think anyone who doesn't know some Spanish is missing something out :) But I'm a crazy fan of Spanish, so don't worry :)

      I've checked Krabat when I saw it on your list, but it's 300 pages! I'm not sure I'm ready for that :) My German is really rusty...

  3. Looking at your Spanish books, your Spanish skills must be very good. My Spanish is oh, so rusty, sadly ….

    As for German books what about The Neverending Story (Die Unendliche Geschichte)? That might be fun!

    Thanks for hosting, Ekaterina!

  4. I think I thought I had signed up but I guess I hadn't. Since you've given me permission to learn a language rather than actually read in another one (since I can't), I'm officially signing up here and now. Yay!

    1. Great! Could you please link the post stating your intentions to the linky below the announcement post? I'd love to have everybody in one place :)


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