March 22, 2014

Once Upon a Time VIII Sign-Up

Once Upon a Time VIII is here! And look at the gorgeous painting! Isn't it awesome? The choice of the buttons is another reason why I love-love-love Carl's events! As if there were not enough reasons to love them without this one, heh :)

This year I'm joining for...

which means I'm going to read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time categories: fantasy, folklore, fairy tales or mythology. And as I'm getting addicted to the picture lists, here's some books I plan to choose from! The upper row is fantasy, and the lower is Arthurian books.

I'll track my progress here, and we'll see how many I'll actually read :) And HERE is the link to all my posts for the event.

This spring is the spring of writing my thesis, passing the last exams (hopefully!), preparing for the conferences and undergoing some unpleasant medical treatment... So some fantasy is what I'll need in the evenings after all this unless I'm completely devastated :) Perfect timing!


  1. Good luck on your exams...and medical treatment :/ Sounds like some fantasy reading is perfectly timed. I hope you enjoy your reads!

  2. Wonderful selection, Ekaterina! I want to read 'Watership Down' sometime. Wish you all the best for the thesis and the exams and hope the time with the doctor goes well. Happy reading!

  3. I think that artwork is really what keeps pulling me to Carl's events again and again! :) it sounds like you're going to have a tough/busy spring. I hope all goes well and that some fantasy is just what you need. It certainly looks like you have excellent books to choose from!

  4. Good luck! I've decided to take the plunge and go for the second challenge, even though I promised myself I wouldn't do any challenges this year!

  5. Outlander has been recommended to me so many times but I resist reading it because there are other books I could name (Twlight) that I hated (Memoirs of a Geisha) that were recommended (most of Stephen King) so now I take recommendations with a grain of salt unless a book is recommended by someone whose opinion mostly aligns with my own.


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