January 31, 2014

Vintage Sci-Fi Month and Sci-Fi Experience Wrap-Up

Those two events go hand-in hand, but as Vintage Sci-Fi Month concentrates on a narrower slice of sci-fi, namely books published before 1979, let's start the wrap-up with it!

For such a wonderful event one month is not nearly enough! With all the holidays and exams I've managed to read only two vintage sci-fi books:

The Sci-Fi Experience has a wider scope, as it allows any kind of sci-fi media from any time period. So besides the two already mentioned novels, I read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and watched quite a lot of Star Trek stuff, of which I speak HERE.

Overall, I think those two events went well for me, although I wish I read much more! But I blame my always busy winter schedule :)


  1. You read some awesome books - I think I rated these all with 5/5. I was definitely inspired to read more sci-fi and I hope it continued for this whole year :)

    1. For me it was two 3/5 and one 5/5 (guess which one, haha!) but maybe it's just me :) Sometimes I think I'm overly picky about my sci-fi!


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