January 22, 2013

Post-exam resolutions

Normal people have New Year resolutions, but my life is still divided into semesters, so...

Dear Kate, after this exam session finishes, you:
  1. Kill yourself if you don't pass them all. Or make your conclusions and study harder. OK, I know you have work and health issues, but seriously, you can do better, my dear!
  2. Don't drink any energy drinks or coffee for at least a month after the exams. You've overdone your norm. Use green tea, it works for you, so why do you hate it so much?
  3. Stop eating crap. Really, just look at what you are eating just because you are lazy. I'm surprised you still fit in the doors after all this.
  4. Exercise. Preferably outside. At least get out of this building you live/work/study in regularly!
  5. Have a plan, will you? This thing, time management, know it? Use it!
  6. Look nice. OK, everybody is wearing jeans and T-shirts around here, but they are BOYS. You aren't. Remember it, OK? Or you'll grow some beard soon.
And the most important: be awesome and... "Don't panic!"

And go study for your exams right now, please)


  1. 1. I agree and have health issues and here I am struggling through studying once again for this exam. Bah humbug.
    2. I'm not overly fond of green tea myself. I do, however, like the green tea blends so I recommend trying one of those. Like green tea with peppermint or orange. Yum.
    3. We so rarely eat crap around here because Rob will cook when I am too overwhelmed. I'm lucky. I should thank him.
    4. Yeah. This too. We're exercising this year, me and Rob. But let's be honest--if not for him, I'd probably do my morning yoga and be done for the day.
    5. Time is relative. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm trying not to beat myself up over not managing it very well (if at all).
    6. I'd look swell with a beard although I don't think Rob would like it. I have actually been putting a little mascara and lip gloss on occasionally. Not every day but every now and again, even when the only other person who will see me is my husband, I do try. Also, I'm convinced that if I'm not careful, I'll forget how to apply the stuff.

    I have all sorts of resolutions for myself for the new year, as you know, because I was finally going to be free from all this studying. Then I failed he exam, my first in my life, and now I am back to studying and looking wistfully at my resolutions. Someday . . .

    1. Yes, I've read your post about how it turned out with your resolutions, but life happens, so we will not worry too much if something goes wrong, right? But making resolutions is already a step in a right direction.
      If it makes you feel better, I've failed 5 exams this month (I have 6 in total, and 3 tries for each), which is also the first time in my life I fail anything, so it's a new experience to me too :)
      And I'll look for peppermint or orange blends, never heard something that curious exists)

    2. If you can't find it you can always make your own, as it were. Simply use a green tea bag and a peppermint one as well. What kinds of tea can you buy? I'm assuming if I were to recommend some they would be American and not so easily attained. :(

    3. I've walked past some big tea-shop recently, so I think I'll start there. Otherwise I don't have any idea what we have here, I started drinking coffee as soon as I moved here, so I haven't really investigated.

  2. Haha, those are the types of resolutions I would make when I was in college, too! The eating well and looking good will actually help you with your test scores, I think. More confidence in one area raises your confidence in other aspects of your life. :) Good luck!

    1. Thanks!) And that's exactly what I'm telling myself: looking good helps, even if the exam is written! But some extra time in bed in the morning always win))

  3. I will be incredibly entertained if you grow a beard. :D

    1. True! But that's not exactly the kind of entertainment I'd like people to have around me =))

  4. Lol - love the "post-exam" rules. I wish I had thought of these when I was going to school - especially the last one.

    Tanya Patrice


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