August 28, 2012

Recurring images in Poe's stories

 I've made this simple table somewhat in a hurry to compare and summarize images, that can be found in several short stories by Poe:

 "The Oval Portrait" is too different to fit here, but still there is a lot of recurrence, the motif of life after death being the most persistent. I'm just curious if it'll be one of the topics professor will choose to discuss =)


  1. I have to take away 1 point because you miss-spelled "summarize." Sorry.

    (Okay. Seriously. Wonderful. Thank you. I hope the prof does but, if not, your sharing means some of us are lucky enough to benefit. After the course, if you choose to read more Poe, you'll find others stories that can be added to this chart as well as other themes in these stories that are revisited.)

    1. Okay, I got right now, thank you! =)
      I have actually read more Poe, but it was long ago, and I was struggling through it with my dictionary at hand. He uses too many words! ))
      So now, I think, I need to go back to his work again to enjoy it more!


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