August 3, 2014

Language Freak July Update - Holiday Edition

Hellooo sweeties! That's me greeting you from northern Italy, where I was on vacation last week! I hope your summer is being wonderful too!

How are you all doing with the challenge? I'm still plodding through that Czech book which is supposed to encourage boys to do all these boyscout/pioneer activities... They have game descriptions and tasks in the end of each chapter now! Not exciting. At this pace and with an exam to prepare for, it will be a miracle if I finish it by the end of the challenge. I'll do my best though! :)

July was a down time review-wise, but we still have 2 new reviews! Below, as usual, are all our reviews by language. Note that July reviews have been marked by NEW!!!

Frog is Sad by Max Velthuijs (Carola @ brilliant years)

Nuits de Juin by Victor Hugo (Cleo @ Classical Carousel)
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann (Cleo @ Classical Carousel) - NEW!!!
Délicieusement Cru par Judita Wignall (Cleo @ Classical Carousel) - NEW!!!

Im Wunderschönen Monat Mai by Heinrich Heine (Cleo @ Classical Carousel)
Krabat, by Otfried Preußler (Carola @ brilliant years)
Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) by The Brothers Grimm (Cleo @ Classical Carousel)

Magpie Beloboka (Anja Kasap @ Reading 2011 (and Beyond))

Corre, Perro, Corre - P.D. Eastman (Cleo @ Classical Carousel)

Don't forget that August is the last month of the challenge! So it's high time to reach your goals! :) I'll post a final recap of the challenge in the beginning of September, so don't forget to write about your reading experience!


  1. I'm stuck on a lesson 3 of these audio CDs. I can't seem to make any progress. I've decided to listen to it daily this week and see if that helps. But I keep making silly mistakes and I don't know why. I have a book too but I am stuck in it too, not sure why they are starting with grammar rules when that is not how we naturally learn languages. Bah humbug. I'm trying but it definitely feels like I'm not moving forward. Who knows? Maybe in a week or two I'll have a surprising breakthrough.

    1. Oh, this happens to me often when I learn languages! Having an intensive week must help, because no progress just means that your brain is forgetting the info faster than you learn it :) So learning more is the way to go :) Well, there is no language without grammar, and psycholinguists usually argue that the mechanisms for "natural acquisition of language" are kinda not working for adults as it does for children. So be prepared for a LOT of grammar! :)

  2. I have read a few books in English, a language that I was only half-counting, but I've been neglecting my German and French reading (and reviewing those English books). I have a great German fantasy novel that I'm going to start as soon as I finish the last 20 pages of what I'm reading now and I'm determined to read that French book that I had misplaced before August ends. Whether I'll post both reviews before the month is over is another thing. That's my aim though.

    1. You write in English so well, that you are right to not count it :) I also don't :)

      You have some great plans for August, so good luck! I'll tell you a secret: I give an extra week in September to write the reviews :) I hope it'll help you to manage it in time ;)

  3. I just managed to finish a book in French!


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