July 28, 2013

Language Freak Summer Challenge July Update

Hi, guys, how are you doing? It's time for July update for those who participate in Language Freak Summer Challenge and is reading books or watching films in foreign languages this summer! Speaking of participants, please welcome this month's only newbie!

New participants:
  1. Priya @ Tabula Rasa - German

Now to our progress! We have 5 new reviews this month, one of which is a film review. And you still have a couple of days to contribute to this month's list. The reviews I added this month are marked as NEW!!!, so that you don't forget to check them out! :)

I have not read anything for the challenge this month, as I had a two-week holiday in the beginning of July, and now I'm suffering from the heat and can't do much in such conditions. But I guess I'll have to brace myself and read a German book finally. It must be less hot in August.

How are you doing? Are you enjoying the challenge? Are you going to complete your goals? Only one month left! :)

Good luck and see you all in a month, when I'll be putting up a wrap-up post!

Challenge reviews by language:

Radost pro duši by Margaret Silf (me)

Det caribiske mysterium by Agatha Christie (Jean @ Howling Frog Books)


Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen by J. K. Rowling (Amy @ book musings)
Der Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffman (Jean @ Howling Frog Books) - NEW!!!

The Nose by Nikolai Gogol and "Kukushka" by Alexander Rogozhkin (Juleschka @ Buchlogbuch)
"Kukushka" by Alexander Rogozhkin (Juleschka @ Buchlogbuch) - NEW!!!


  1. Thanks for the update. It gave me an oppertunity to check out the other participants reviews :)

    1. You are welcome :) That's half of the fun! :)

  2. Hi, Ekaterina! I'm chugging away with Anne Frank's Tagebuch, trying to get it done before the end of August. Soooooo many words I don't know, so looking them up is slowing me down, but I'm just at the most moving part, where Anne is forming a little romance with Peter, the only one she will ever have, and at the same time being a normal I-know-better-than-my-stupid-parents tiresome teenager. I keep checking the dates, counting the weeks until her arrest. It's really wrenching!

    1. It's a book I've always meant to read, although I'm sure my German is not enough! Sometimes when I get sick from looking up all the words, I just stop doing that, and after some time the understanding still comes. Context and intuition help, you just need to read on and don't stop for some time :) You may want to try it when you are tired of using your dictionary :)

    2. Oh yes, of course I don't look up every single unfamiliar word--that would be impossible. Almost always, I can get the meaning from context. Only when a passage's meaning is completely unclear to me, do I look up some key words. It's just that Tagebuch has more of those than other books I've read--I have to do more than usual looking up with this one. I've just finished reading it, btw, and am starting to think about whether I can say what I want to say about it in German. :)


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