December 22, 2012

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Today Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat is hosting a readalong of A Christmas Carol, and everybody is asked to answer the following questions:

Is this the first time you are reading the story?
Yes. I've seen some adaptation many years ago, but I remembered only the main idea.

Did you like it?
It is well written (it's Dickens!), so I quite enjoyed the language. I also liked the descriptions of the Christmas mood in the city. However, there is too much moral there to my taste.

Which was your favorite scene?
I'd say that the one I liked most was when all the Scrooge's favorite book characters appeared. For me too books were very real in my childhood, so I quite understand why these characters are an important part of his memories.

Which was your least favorite scene?
The scene with the charity collectors. They ask Scrooge for money for the poor, and he tells them it's none of his business. To tell you the truth, that's exactly my position in this question. I pay taxes, so why should I give even more money to the poor? But in the book it was put as a very mean point of view, and I felt a bit uncomfortable about it. Although it didn't make me change my mind, of course. Everybody in the modern world should mind his own business - government takes care of the poor, and we give government money for it. I wish it worked!

Which spirit and his stories did you find the most interesting?
The spirit of the Christmas Past, of course! His light and its extinguishing make a good metaphor.

Was there a character you wish you knew more about?
I wish I knew more about Scrooge's ex-love. She seems an interesting and strong woman and would make a good heroine!

How did you like the end?
It's Christmasy and nice.

Did you think it was believable?
I find it hard to believe Scrooge changed so fast. Even when travelling with the second ghost he understood it was for his own good. Not very stubbornly, eh?

Do you know anyone like Scrooge?
Well, not really. Of course there are people who share a trait or two with him, but I can't say I know them well. But... he is not supposed to be real, it's a fairy tale anyway.

Did he deserve to be saved?
Everybody deserves a chance to be saved. And he was really eager to change after the "three-ghost show", so he is a good choice for being saved =)

Merry Christmas to everybody!


  1. I differ with you there! I like a book with a good moral, as long as it's not over-done. This is a little over-done, granted. ;) But I generally avoid reading Christmas stories for that very reason...the exaggeration of "Christmas Spirit." I feel we should love and respect our neighbors all the time. If we do that, there's no need to be extra-spiritful around Christmas.

    I'm running a little behind on my Christmas Carol post...things came up today that weren't expected and now I'm simply too tired to worry about writing the post before I go to bed. There's always tomorrow, I suppose! :)

    1. I guess I just had enough moral from early school reading. How I hated those stories about conscience and dying puppies, etc.! So now I try to avoid moral at all if I can =)

      We do not have this "Christmas Spirit" thing in Russia, as well as Christmas in December. So I discovered it only recently when I moved to Europe. So it's still new and fascinating for me, and I can't have enough of it!

      I think one day delay is not critical. Good luck with the post! =)

  2. I really like the background of your blog, the blue and white, very pretty.
    I think you're the first who mentioned that scene with the charity collectors. I myself am very skeptical in these situations, if I knew the money was going to the poor, I would gladly participate but there's no guarantee so I only give when I know the money is going to those who need it.
    Thanks for joining us for the read-along.

    1. That's not only true of charity for the poor. There are scandals about charity for lung cancer research, etc. If you're going to give any real amount of money, you should make sure you're sending it to a good place!

      I don't know if that was an issue that Dickens would have been worried about, though...probably wasn't as big a problem back then?

    2. Thanks, Delia, I'm trying to make Christmas mood here, and I'm happy you like it =)

      To speak of the charity, I agree with Rachel that times have changed and now it's not that easy to be generous and not cheated at the same time. But in the story it's just a symbol of help, in its most popular form at that time.


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